The TLC Repair Kit

The TLC Repair Kit

The TLC - Vitaplex next generation technology will help improve health, strength and condition of damaged hair. Rav19 technology gets to the core of the damage to repair exactly where its needed and will not cause overload or build up. Daily shampoo and conditioner plus weekly NO.3 treatment is all you need to restore your hair natural beauty. 

Paired with a few drops of Kitoko Treatment oil to help detangle and smooth frizz plus Popbrush the worlds kindest hair brush with soft flexible bristles to glide through the hair with tugging or causing breakage. The perfect package to show your lock some real TLC. 


The TLC Repair Kit

275ml Vitaplex Shampoo

275ml Vitaplex Conditioner

200ml Vitaplex No.3 Treatment 


Mini Kitoko Oil