The Itchy Scalp Kit

The Itchy Scalp Kit

The Itchy Scalp - Kitoko Dandruff control cleanser and balm will gently cleanse and nourish the hair whist treating dry, itchy scalp issues. Paired with scalp lotion an antibacterial leave in formula to intensively heal and soothe scalp issues. The perfect combination to get to the root your problem and restore calm immediately. Our Bamboo comb will help to distribute product without scalp irritation and Popbands - the worlds hair ties will help to keep your locks in control without causing any breakage. 


The Itchy Scalp Kit

250ml Kitoko Dandruff Control Cleanser

250ml Kitoko Dandruff Control Balm

75ml Kitoko Dandruff Control Scalp Lotion 

Bamboo Comb

5 Pack Popbands