Cloud Nine - The O Rollers

Cloud Nine - The O Rollers

Boost your style with the O Rollers that bring on volume in seconds. For short to mid-length hair that’s destined for added bounce, ready to use with the O Pod.

  • Induction Heat Technology
    The Induction Heating Technology channels the heat directly into the O Roller, heating in just four seconds to create the blow dry look in minutes.
  • Precise Temperatures
    Automatically set to the kinder temperature of 130°C, the O Rollers heat up to create long lasting style without the unnecessary heat damage.
  • Cool-Touch Technology
    The Cool-Touch Technology heats the roller up in the hair, not the hand, concentrating precise temperatures onto the hair for effective styling. 

The O Rollers are available in five sizes ranging from 20mm-60mm.




    AED100٫00 Regular Price
    AED80٫00Sale Price