Expansion of our professional Line - Taking a step to a more sustainable business!

We are so excited to have a new brand on board our professional portfolio. The amazing Paper Not Foil which is a reusable, degradable, recyclable hairdressing foil alternative.

This is our second professional brand to the range. The first being ASP Affinage Salon Professional. A vegan friendly, cruelty free full haircare range that covers both in salon professional products as well as a retail range.

Paper Not Foil can be reused up to 3 times by washing after each use and either air drying or popping it into the machine. The product is both harmless to humans and animals. It degrades with no toxic waste. It takes roughly 6-7 months in direct UV from the sun to degrade, at which point it will look look broken egg shells, until a stone powder residue remains.

Using Paper Not Foil as a foil alternative in your salon will yield the same results. In the long run it will also save you money as the product is reusable. Which regular salon foil isn't.

Did you know that an average salon uses 1.5km of aluminium foils per month. That's a lot of waste. Even foil that is "recycled" has limited reuse.

Customers are becoming more informed and conscious of what they are using on their hair. Be a growth mindset salon with a forward thinking, eco friendly approach and join the hairdressing movement and use Paper Not Foil.

If you would like to know more about Paper Not Foil, please drop Rachael an email at

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