• A.S.P is a British professional haircare line. Sold in 59 counties, Affinage prides itself on the quality of their products. They even boast a vegan collection within the range. The capabilities of their products are endless and suited to those stylists that have no boundaries with their creativity.

  • Beauty Blvd Stardust is a premium grade glitter, promoting long lasting, comfortable wear - perfect for face, body and hair! It is easy to apply and  emulsifies in water for easy removal.

    Our packs of Stardust glitter come with their own binding gel and bush for easy application. We stock 6 different colours of stardust.

  • Lash Dupe is an independent brand of reusable lashes. They are both vegan and cruelty free and one of the only falsh lash companies in the World to be fully accredited from PETA.

    Lash Dupe lashes are faux mink. Why Faux Mink you may ask? Because there is no such thing as cruelty free mink! We would rather go faux than be associated with products that are harmful to animals.

  • Designed and developed by makeup artists for make up lovers, industry professionals and women on the go. Our 'Pro-Line' created for the professional makeup artist and hairstylist who travels on the go. Designed for organisation and protection of all your top products. Kitmate is your solution for a well organized make-up kit, built to work and last, even under extreme conditions.  Cosmetics are not cheap, so why let them go to waste in a bag that doesn’t protect your beauty faves. 

  • The recyclable, reusable, degradable alternative to traditional hairdressing foils.

    FACT: The average salon uses 1.5km of aluminium foils per months. That's a lot of waste! Even foil that is "recycled" has limited reuse. 

    ​Paper Not Foil is reusable, recyclable, degradable and compostable. However, it is disposed of, it won't cause any toxic waste. ​

    Paper Not Foil can be washed by hand, air dried or dried in the machine and used up to 3 times thus reducing waste and saving you money. 

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